Our Finances

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When you support Children of Mother Earth, you know that you are directly helping the children who need it most.  Ravi Rai and Children of Mother Earth have a proven track-record in managing the growth of the centres, and he runs a “very tight ship” (financially), so that…

our administration overheads are extremely low
by international standards, at around 2%.


One item of note is the extremely low Travel Expense.  Ravi Rai is conscious of the fact that many charitable organisations squander scarce funds on airfares and accommodation.  This is certainly not his style.  Ravi regularly visits Singapore and the USA essentially for fund-raising purposes, and yet he personally pays for all his international flights and accommodation.  Within India, he travels mostly by train for longer trips, or car for shorter trips.

e.g. Ravi regularly travels between our Delhi centre and our Lucknow/Gorakhpur centres.  For this, he takes the overnight train to Lucknow, costing 80 Rupees;  a flight, on the other hand, would cost CoME around 5,000 Rupees, and he would rather spend that kind of money on the children.  He sleeps in fairly rudimentary accommodation at each of the centres – no hotels for him!

Ravi works full-time for Children of Mother Earth and yet draws no salary.  He doesn’t see the need to.  He is able to comfortably manage his own finances from passive income from the rental of his apartment in Singapore and from an inherited property in India.

In this day and age, such benevolence,
such honesty, such integrity, is in very short supply.


The pie chart above shows a typical annual budget split by type of expenditure.

You can also see our annual expenditure split by each of Our Programs.