Our Vision & Mission

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Our Vision is for…

“A hunger and conflict-free world
 with the bond of one family among all people.”


Our Mission is…

“To reach deeply into the communities we serve,
to ease extreme hardship, conflict and hunger,
and to foster a bond of one large happy family,
especially for impoverished street-children.”

Although the organization runs with a limited budget contributed by benefactors, we aim to set up additional facilities to help as many underprivileged children as possible in various stages of their lives.

We treat all of our children with the highest care, respect and love.  We welcome any request to visit our centres and to see for yourself the amazing results we achieve with some of the most-damaged children in India.

We would like to build and run a financially self-sustainable school with boarding facilities for our children, including a vocational training centre.  These facilities will help children to pursue their academic interests, as well as to learn vocational skills which will enable them to be independent and beneficial members in their communities.

We are the strongest of advocates for the upholding of Children’s Rights in India. We continue to push the Government and its Agencies to fully implement the policies that have already been enacted.  This is a long process yet it is the way forward for the impoverished children of India.

We aim for the children’s centres that we run to become the exemplary model for cost-effective Government-run centres.  We want to demonstrate to the Government that their already enacted policies can be effectively implemented.