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Children of Mother Earth is supported by the generosity of individuals and organizations who share our vision and goals to help underprivileged children.  Your donation will help us to provide continuous support to a growing number of children in our care and reach out to many more underprivileged children who are currently living without much-needed support in impoverished and often hazardous conditions.

Ways You Can Support Us

Reasons to Support Us

  • The management and the finances of the organisation are transparent.
  • The organisation is run strictly in accordance with the regulations.
  • We are a fully-registered charity in India and USA (check the IRS website)
  • We are soon to be ISO accredited (expected by end November 2014).
  • Our administration overheads are extremely low (approx. 2%) by international standards.
  • Many individuals from western countries volunteer their time to help us free of charge.
  • The vast majority of your donation reaches the children who need it most.
  • Your donation can literally save children’s lives, and create a better future for them.
  • Our unique Emotional Support Program produces joyous, motivated kids.
  • Our centres provide a “loving family environment” for the children.
  • It is your generous donation that enables us to do this noble work!
  • BONUS: You get to feel good about the good that you are doing.

Please consider helping us to help these impoverished street-children if you can.

We will be eternally grateful for any assistance you can give to the children.

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