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When you sponsor a child, you commit to make regular monthly payment in advance.  For these types of payments, we use PayPal because it is the simplest, safest, best-known and most-accepted way of making regular recurring payments.

Sponsorship Options
from just 33 c per day!!

US$10 per month (33c/day) sponsors a child for
our Bridge Schooling Program.  

US$23 per month (77c/day) sponsors a child for
their school fees, school uniforms, books and materials.

US$27 per month (90c/day) sponsors a child for
all their meals, casual clothing and medical needs.

US$50 per month ($1.67/day) fully sponsors a child for
all  their meals, clothing, school fees, uniforms, books,
materials and medical.

For sponsorships, we provide a PayPal facility via Children of Mother Earth (USA), a fully registered 501 (c) 3 charity in the US.  Once you select the options for your sponsorship, and log-in to PayPal, PayPal will automatically look after everything for you, and for us.

Click here to sponsor a child using PayPal.

PayPal Sponsorship Example

If you choose full-sponsorship (i.e. US$50 per month), then today and every month thereafter (until you use the PayPal website to alter or cancel the recurring payment to us), the credit card or debit card that you have linked to your PayPal account will receive a charge of US$50.  Soon thereafter, PayPal credits the Children of Mother Earth PayPal account with your US$50 less their fees of approx 3%. We have access to your donation a day or so after your credit or debit card is charged.  There is no intervention required by either party, and only PayPal has any knowledge about your credit or debit card details etc. so it is totally safe, secure and dependable.

New to PayPal?

Click here to learn about PayPal and to setup a free PayPal account linked to your credit or debit card.

Tax Deductibility

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If you have any questions, please email us here.