Our Pharsar Centre

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The Pharsar property was Ravi Rai’s ancestral home.  His father, the late Ram Awadh Rai built it as a single-storey home in 1956, and named it “Gaya Dham” after his own father, who’s name was Gaya.  Gaya Dham  means “Gaya’s Place”.

When Ravi moved back to India in 1998, he added the two upper storeys, with a vision of rescuing 25 under-privileged children, and sharing his good-fortune with them.  In 1999, Children of Mother Earth began operations from Ravi’s own home.  Five centres and over 200 children later…

The upper facade of Ravi’s home (now our Pharsar centre) displays the symbols of all the major religions of the world, and carries the motto of Children of Mother Earth:

Humanity is our religion.  Earth is our Motherland.

Features of Our Pharsar Centre

The centre provides accommodation for approximately 60 children and 7 supervising adults, and has:

  • a very good lawn area
  • reasonable flower gardens
  • an extensive vegetable gardenVegetable garden at Pharsar Home
  • a high wall and sturdy gates for good security
  • good toilet facilities
  • good bathroom facilities
  • good kitchen facility
  • a CoME School in the town centre

Improvements Needed at Pharsar

  • better battery back-up for intermittent electricity supply (approximate cost-1000 USD)Generator:battery room at Pharsar
  • better vehicular access to the centre
  • 3 classrooms at our school
  •  Dedicated playing area for cricket, soccer etc.
  • Some playground equipment (approximate cost-1000 USD)


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