CoME Schooling Program

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CoME runs its own in-house schooling program at two of our centres:

  • In the village nearby our Pharsar centre
  • At our Delhi centre

At Pharsar, we started our own school because we were concerned about the quality of government-run schools in the area.  Our school has 3 class-rooms – two of which are a little small for our needs.  We have a plan to build 3 full-sized classrooms on a new upper-floor of the building.

At our Delhi centre, we have two classrooms, and we would like to build an extra two classrooms.   Our concerns about the quality of government schools is especially true in Delhi, and the cost of private schools is also very high.


The expenses incurred by this Program include:

  • Wages for our staff, and part-time workers
  • Cost of new classrooms
  • Consumables like paper, pens,  chalk etc.
  • Desks and chairs
  • Electricity and diesel for back-up generators


We have a Schooling Manager who co-ordinates resources across all of the centres, and a number of teachers involved across all of our Schooling Programs.

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