Construction Program

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This Program covers the building, the re-building, the extending, the improving and the maintaining of all buildings and grounds under the control of Children of Mother Earth.  There is always something that needs doing or repairing.

The planning for, and the construction of, the CoME Academy is covered under its own Program.


The expenses incurred by this Program include:

  • Part wages for any staff
  • Builders, contractors, labourers etc
  • Building materials
  • Electricity, gas, petrol, diesel
  • Consumables


Ravi Rai (our Founder and Chairman) just happens to be a Civil Engineer by profession, and so he is our Construction Manager and oversees all major construction work at the centres.  This helps to minimise our construction costs. For the day-to-day issues to do with maintenance and small construction work, we have, at each of our centres:

  • a live-in maintenance person
  • local contractors and tradespeople who we use

New Dining Room at Delhi Centre almost completed







Construction Work Needed

Here are some of the construction/maintenance projects that are awaiting funds:

  • Large windows in dorms at Gorakhpur (8 of)
    Estimate: US$ 500 each
  • Develop a playground at Gorakhpur (1 of)
    Estimate: US$ 800 each
  • Construction of 6m x 4.5m Classrooms at Delhi (3 of)
    Estimate: US$ 4,000
  • Construct a Dining Room at Gorakhpur
    Estimate: US$ 5,000
  • Complete the removal of asbestos roofing at Gorakhpur
    Estimate: US$ 10,000

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