Medical Program

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Many street-children have long-term infections, illnesses and/or injuries that require urgent medical and nutritional attention.  This program provides that urgent care and attention, as well as attending to the day-to-day medical needs of the children in our care.

Were it not for the generosity of a number of local practitioners, the costs of this Program would be considerably higher.  We are indebted to these medical friends of Children of Mother Earth.


Photo of badly infected heal

The expenses incurred by this Program include:

  • Wages for the staff involved on a part-time basis
  • First Aid equipment and consumables
  • Doctor’s Fees (where not waived)
  • Cost of Hospitalisations and Medical Procedures
  • Travel expenses


At each of our centres, we have:

  • A designated Medical Supervisor who manages all medical-related issues at the centre.
  • A comprehensive First-Aid kit in each centre
  • In some locations, a local doctor who provides free or heavily-discounted treatment for our children.

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