Our Centres Program

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This Program covers the day-to-day running of each of Our Centres.


The expenses incurred by this Program include:

  • Wages for our staff, and part-time workers
  • Food for the children and staff
  • Electricity, gas, petrol, diesel
  • Consumables like soap, toothpaste etc.
  • Travel expenses, bus, train…
  • Clothes, shoes
  • Bedding, sheets, pillows etc.
  • Sporting equipment
  • Entertainment and excursions/outings


We have a Centres Manager (based in Lucknow) who oversees the day-to-day running of all our centres, and co-ordinates resources across all of the centres.  As well as this, each of our centres has:

  • A Centre Warden to manage that centre
  • One or more live-in couples who provide security and night-time support
  • Two or three live-in ladies who do the cooking, clothes washing and house-keeping
  • Staff with roles that cover shopping, gardening, maintenance etc.

The teachers employed by Children of Mother Earth are covered by the Bridge Schooling Program and the CoME Schooling Program.

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