Public Schooling Program

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This Program covers the cost of sending some of our children to government schools or local private schools.  We are somewhat concerned about the quality of some government schools and the lack of motivation of some of the teachers.  We would prefer to do all of our own schooling, or use private schools, and at the present time, we cannot afford to do this.

For any child who shows a great aptitude for study (even if they are not a top student), we do what we can to ensure that they get extra tutoring, to maximise the benefits of their enthusiasm.


The expenses incurred by this Program include:

  • School fees
  • School uniforms
  • Books, materials etc.
  • Travel expenses, bus, train
  • After-school specialised tutoring


We have a designated Schooling Manager who oversees the day-to-day issues and co-ordinates resources across all of the centres.  As well as this, each of our centres has at least one teaching support staff-member who is responsible for:

  • purchasing school uniforms
  • checking student progress
  • counselling our students
  • checking report cards
  • investigating local private schools etc.

The teachers employed by Children of Mother Earth are covered by the Bridge Schooling Program and the CoME Schooling Program.

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