The Search for Land Continues…

by Jayani on May 30, 2012

Ravi’s longer term vision for Children of Mother Earth is to have it be a self-finding organisation based around a training Academy.  You can read more about his vision here.

For now, the search is on for some land in Delhi on which to start the future Academy. Land is not cheap in India (for average Indian incomes) yet it is not too bad by Western standards for large cities. This block that Ravi is investigating is on the northern outskirts of Delhi.  Ravi is in no hurry – sure he wants to realise his dream for better training for Indian children hoping to enter the workforce as something a little more meaningful than a lowly labourer.  And yet he will also ensure he gets the best possible land for the best deal. Never a rupee is wasted! Of course, he tells the story of Children of Mother Earth to the vendors.  He delights in the way that the right people easily join in his vision, and already he has elicited quite a concession from this vendor.

We shall see…



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