From Orphan to 3-D Modeller

by admin on Jul 27, 2016

It was about 13 years ago I got a new home. I was hardly 5 years old. Till then all the family I had was my mother. I don’t have the slightest memory of my father. My mother was a vendor in Gorakhpur railway station. Mother and I lived in the railway station premises. I have only vague memories of the day I came to Apna Ghar. All I can remember is that one day my mother took me with her to see a tall man who had a big home near the Gorakhpur railway station. From that day on it became my home too and the tall man, my Ravi Papa.

Papa took me to his village home in Pharsar, which was 50 kms from the city. There wasn’t much struggle for me to adapt to the new environment as there were many other kids like me. Gradually they became my family, brothers and sisters from different mothers. Since my mother was in Gorakhpur, she could not come and see me very often in Pharsar. But she used pay a visit once in a while.

On my 7th birthday celebrations, she visited me. She looked very weak and tired. I saw Papa mildly scolding her for not informing him about her condition any sooner. He asked her to stay at Pharsar for a medical check-up. But she left in the morning, next day; perhaps she didn’t want to give Papa anymore burden. However she came back again after a month. This time, she looked weaker than ever. Her dress and body were stinking. She struggled even to stand. It seemed like she was in severe pain. Papa took her to a hospital in the city. When they came back neither my mother nor Papa told me anything about her illness. But I was very happy to hear that my mother would be staying with me from that day onwards. For the convenience of treatment she was transferred to the Gorakhpur house. I was also sent to Gorakhpur a few days later to stay with her. I continued my studies there.

Mother’s condition was getting weaker each day. She was undergoing treatments but there was not much improvement in her condition. After 10 months of treatment and care she left me forever, putting me under Papa’s care. It was only after her death I came to know that she had cancer. She was in the last stage of cancer when she informed Papa about it. I did not understand what death really meant back then. But I knew this much, I’m not going to see her anymore because I saw her being burnt down to ashes during her burial. Now all I had left was Papa and my Apna Ghar family.

From that day onwards I became closer to Papa. His love and affection helped to heal from the loss of my mother. I was doing well in studies. I wanted to learn English. Seeing my interest, Papa decided to send me to the Lucknow home for better education in City Montessori School.

I seldom had mood swings, which would put my spirits off for some period. I got bored of studies in the beginning of my teen years. It was then my interests turned to cricket. I was attracted to the fame and acceptance received by a cricketer from the people. I wanted to become a cricketer. When Papa came to know about it he agreed to enroll me into a cricket academy. He bought a cricket kit and made all the necessary arrangements for me. But within one year I realized that cricket was not my thing. I had no idea how Papa would react to this as he did everything I asked for a cricket career. To my surprise he was very patient with me and asked me to continue my studies.

My interest in studies was long gone. I was struggling in academics. I did not know what to do with my life. But then, Papa motivated me. He never lost hope in me. His encouragement helped me to regain my focus and as a result I completed my ‘O’ levels.

By that time I became much interested in computers. I became a fan of animated and graphic intense movies. I decided to do animation course instead of ‘A’ levels. But I was doubtful whether Papa would agree to it or not. One reason for it was that I had already left the cricket coaching in the middle although Papa did all what I asked for. Second reason was that animation courses were comparatively expensive than any other course. When I told Papa about my intentions he asked me whether I was sure about it. I said yes. Seeing my confidence, he was convinced. He got me admitted in the best animation academy in Gorakhpur. He gave me his laptop so that I could practice at home.

I completed my course well. While doing job hunt, I realized how hard it is for a fresher to get a job. Then again, Papa was here to support and motivate me. When I got the joining letter, after the interview, from a reputed animation studio in Pune, I felt Papa was happier than me. He came to Pune with me, talked to my boss, arranged accommodation for me and stayed with me till next day until finally he was convinced that I had everything I needed.

Today I’m working as a 3D modeler; I have begun the journey to my goal- the goal to find my own place among the legends in world of animation. When I saw the joy on Papa’s face during our stay in Pune, I wished my mother were here too to see how far her son advanced from the life on street to a secure future. My well-being was her dying wish. Even in her last breath, lying in Papa’s arms, she asked him to take good care of me. He had gone far too long than just taking care of me. I’m sure, in another world somewhere, my mother would be so proud of me and of her decision to put her trust in Papa.

Every time I tried to thank Papa, he would stop me from doing so saying that he was only a medium. He often says that all we have and all we are, is the sweat and blood of many kind hearts around the globe. You will always be remembered in our hearts for helping us to fulfill our dreams and giving us hope. I thank all of you on behalf of my brothers and sisters of the COME family.

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