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What’s in a Name?  (Apna Ghar)

When Children of Mother Earth first began operations in India, Ravi asked the children what they should call the first centre.  The children’s decision was unanimous.  They simply wanted to call it Apna Ghar, which translated from Hindi means Our Home.  Remember, most of these children were once homeless street-children, so having a place to call their home is psychologically important to them.  It finally gives them a sense of belonging; of bringing some stability to their once-ruptured lives.  When somebody asks them where they live, they can proudly reply Apna Ghar, of course.

Our Region

Our four centres (Apna Ghar) are located in the mid-North region of India, around the capital, New Delhi, and in the Lucknow and Gorakhpur districts of Uttar Pradesh state, which is widely recognised as the poorest state in all of India.

Location of Our Centres

Our centres are located in the following areas:

  • Mansarovar Phatak, Shahdara, Delhi
  • Gorakhpur City, Uttar Pradesh
  • Pharsar, District Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Lucknow City, Uttar Pradesh
  • Seva Saytu, District Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

You can start a tour of our centres by clicking this Next Centre link, or you can select a specific centre from the main menu on the LHS of this page.