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Children of Mother Earth (CoME) is a charitable, not-for-profit society which believes that the world is one family.  It aims to help underprivileged children and families in undeveloped regions where no other assistance is available.

CoME is achieving this via support systems which provide affected children with:

a safe space to call “home”,
an education,
nutritious meals,
personal welfare, and
long-term counselling

so that they can become self-sufficient and contributing members of the community.

CoME was founded by Ravi Rai, who at age 35, decided to leave his stable job as a Civil Engineer in Singapore and move to India to fulfill his childhood dream of helping underprivileged children and serving humanity.  Rising from humble beginnings with one centre of seven children in a small village, CoME is currently running four centres and educational facilities in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh state in the northern part of India.

We provide more than a refuge and schooling; the children get a sense of safety, self-esteem and possibility.  We also inculcate them with moral values, such as compassion, co-operation, sharing, honesty and a positive attitude towards life.  We put the smiles back on their faces which shine with joy, and they are able to embrace the childhood that every child deserves.

For us, each child in our care is a member of our own CoME family.  We believe that the world is one big family, and that as a member of this family, we must help each other.

All of our centres are fondly called Apna Ghar (which the children chose, and means “our home”) and provide a hygienic and protective environment, food, medicine, clothing, entertainment, basic education and training of life skills as well as psychological and emotional counselling.

The children find a sense of belonging in our centres, which they had lost at a very young age or had never felt in their short lives.  They live in the care and the guidance of our staff in a harmonious atmosphere.  They learn to help each other with a mentoring system (brother/sisterhood), and the children and our staff members live under one roof as ONE FAMILY.

The children are encouraged to pursue a higher academic interest or vocational training, wherever their interests lay.  Our counsellors and care-takers provide them with guidance throughout their adolescence as they prepare to start an independent life.  Even after leaving our centres, the children receive our continued support so that they learn to  live as self-sufficient and contributing members of society.

CoME is led by a team of professional and committed staff members, many of whom volunteer their services to the cause of saving the lives of small helpless children.

The organization has been most active in India, and has also been behind successful humanitarian-aid projects in Singapore.