Major Events at Apna Ghar

by admin on Nov 02, 2015

Raksha Bandhan Celebration, Gorakhpur

Man without love is man without life.  Everyone longs for love, care and affection, everyone longs for a sense of belonging.

That’s why we, in Apna Ghar, consider this day as most holy and sacred.

We always try to impart in the minds of our children a sense of belongingness. Even the name Apna Ghar was chosen for our academy with that purpose. The daily life and routine in Apna Ghar is designed to promote fraternity and unity among our children. Raksha Bandhan is a wonderful occasion for them to express their love and care.

Early in the morning, sisters from Lucknow academy came to Gorakhpur with Rakhis for their brothers. For many children who have no sisters or a family of their own, it was a dream come true moment as the girls tied the Rakhis around their wrists. The brothers gave their sisters gifts such as cards, money or something thoughtful they made by themselves. The brothers also fed their sisters with sweets, dry fruits and other seasonal delicacies.

Independence Day Celebration, Lucknow

As the nation celebrated her 69th year of independence, so did we in Apna Ghar, Lucknow. It was a moment of pride and joy about the rich heritage that we too are a part of. The day was sacred as well, as the blood of a freedom fighter runs in the veins of our founder Mr. Ravi Rai. His father Late Ram Awadh Rai served as a lieutenant in “Azad Hind Fauz” founded in Singapore by the legendry Subash Chandra Bose. 

This day was special for us as we had among us two special guests, Mr. Ashwani Kumar Srivastava, Commercial Manager, Lucknow division and Mr. Sumil Kumar, Senior Divisional Engineer, to celebrate our nation’s independence with us.

In the morning the children mustered in front of Apna Ghar for the flag hosting ceremony.  Mr. Ashwani Kumar Srivastava hosted the national flag and everyone paid homage to our nation and the brave souls who fought for her independence.

Following this, there was a meeting in which Mr. Sumil Kumar addressed the children and gave an Independence Day message.  The children enchanted our guests with their performances after the official meeting and the programme ended with a fabulous dinner.

Special Guests call at Apha Ghar, Delhi

These very special guests have been a part of the Apna Ghar family since CoME was in her toddler stage and they still remain to be the reliable hands to hold on to. They are none other than our special guests Mr. Deepak Sharma and his generous daughter Ms. Priyanka Sharma, from Singapore.

It was their fourth visit to Apna Ghar Delhi. They are always keen to be with the Apna Ghar family and find happiness in spending time with the children and the staff every time they visit. The joy was doubled as it was Jithender’s birthday on the very same day. The visit by our friends called for a grand celebration.

There was cake cutting, dancing, singing and fun of all sorts, the day was mesmerizing for everyone. Our friends brought with them gifts for everyone which was distributed among them. Before our friends returned, they once again asserted their unending support in the days ahead.


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