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At Children of Mother Earth, our resources and efforts  are directed towards the major Programs listed below.  Click on a menu link at left to read more about a specific Program or step through each Program using this Next Program link.

  • Outreach Program
    Reaching out into the community, building trust with street-children, parents, police and other stake-holders.
  • Our Centres Program
    The day-to-day managing and running of our centres for the children.
  • Child Restoration Program
    To re-unite street-children with their families, wherever this is possible.
  • Medical Program
    Providing urgent medical care and attention, as well as attending to the day-to-day medical needs of the children in our care.
  • Emotional Support Program
    Attending to the emotional and spiritual needs of traumatised street-children.
  • Bridge Schooling Program
    Providing informal, in-centre education and functional literacy to street-children as well as counselling them and their families, so that they can join the mainstream school system.
  • Public Schooling Program
    Sending as many of our children to Government schools or local private schools as possible.
  • CoME Schooling Program
    The staffing and running of our own 2 small schools in areas where we consider the local schools to be inadequate.
  • Vocational Training & Placement
    Career guidance, counselling and specialised training of our teenagers in their chosen path, and helping them to find a job.
  • Child Rights Advocacy Program
    Bringing awareness of children’s rights and obligations to children in need, and to public officials dealing with them.
  • S.O.S Program
    Emergency humanitarian help given in the community when required, and if possible.
  • Construction Program
    Constructing and maintaining the buildings and grounds under our control.
  • CoME Academy Program
    Our vision for vocational education for India’s under-privileged children.

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You can also see Our Finances where annual expenditure is split by type of expenditure.