Our Newest Patron – Brandon Bays

by Shantaram on Jan 05, 2012

On Christmas Day 2011, a group of 140 Journey Practitioners visited our Lucknow home for a concert put on by the children.  It was a joyous afternoon of entertainment and celebration, with singing, dancing, poetry, and even a budding comedian.  Despite a few hiccups with the sound system, the concert was a huge success, and the generosity of our visitors was simply overwhelming.

The children send a huge “THANK YOU” to all those who donated to Children of Mother Earth or who agreed to sponsor a child.

And of course, the visitors just had to join the children on stage for an impromptu lesson on the dance moves for the song “Jai Ho”, as featured in the closing scene of the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”.  What a hoot!

Photo of Brandon Bays

Highlight of the day was the big “YES, OF COURSE” answer that we received from Brandon Bays (founder of The Journey) when she was asked by one of our children, Sonam, if she would agree to be our patron.  The children erupted with applause at the answer.  So dear Brandon, or Janakiji as we know her, thank you for all of the help and support that you and Kevin and Journey Outreach have given us over these past 6 years or so.  The children know from first-hand experience, the difference that Journeywork has made to their lives.

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