Positive Outcomes

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There are many positive outcomes for the children in our centres, and occasionally, there are less-than-positive outcomes.


For those children who have some medical condition, injury or malnutrition when they arrive at our centre, we see amazing transformations in the early weeks.  Injuries and disease may have been left untreated for months, so with medical attention, cleanliness and good hygiene, most problems clear-up quite quickly.  There can, of course, also be longer-term health issues which hopefully are cleared up over time.

Regular, healthful meals also have a marked effect on the children’s appearance and well-being.  In most cases, some degree of counseling and emotional process-work (such as The Journey) is also provided.  We notice that this really helps to settle the children into a new outlook on life, and really helps with sleep patterns too.


Many of the children coming to our centres have never attended school.  Our Bridge Schooling Program introduces the children to the disciplines required to embark on a useful school education.  As the children progress, it is easy to see the amazing difference that an Education brings.  Most of these children were originally destined to be illiterate, and fit for no career above menial work (if that).  How their faces beam when they receive academic awards for their achievements!

Self Esteem

Most children have pitifully low self-esteem when we rescue them from the streets, and for good reason too.  In nearly all cases, it is their parents (of all people) who have badly let them down.  Society has let them down.   These children must see themselves as the lowest of the low in our society.

It takes time… and we always see a gradual increase in their sense of self-worth, as our counselors and support staff treat them as human beings;  as they notice the fact that we truly do care about them as human beings; as they begin to learn things about themselves and about life that are uplifting for them, rather than making them feel downtrodden.

Outlook for the Future

When all is said and done, what we provide for the children is a happy childhood and a far-more-promising future as an adult… a future that is gradually changed from bleak to bright;  from hopeless to hopeful;  from fearful to fearless.  We know in our Hearts that it is the love and respect given to the children in our centres that gives them the biggest lift in their painful young lives.  This work is solely about the children…