Progress Report – Apr-Nov 2013

by Ravi on Dec 22, 2013

We are already 8 months into our Financial Year and we are making wonderful progress in our major programs this year. Child Restoration Program The objective of Our Child Restoration Program is to reunite as many run-away, lost and abandoned children as possible with their families. Children run away from home due to various reasons, […]

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CoME Exhibition in Singapore

by Ravi on Sep 04, 2013

World Humanitarian Day is celebrated by the United Nations on 19th August each year, to commemorate people helping people!!  That is what Children Of Mother Earth is all about. To spread the message of humanitarianism, we organised a ten day exhibition in Singapore from 19th to 26th August, 2013. The exhibition was to promote our […]

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Empty and Full

by Shantaram on Aug 23, 2013

Ng Jun Sen of the New Paper, Singapore reports: Bank Account with $300,000 = Empty. Joy in Heart for Helping Kids = Full. Singaporean quits Civil Engineering job to setup shelter in India. Most landlords rent out their flats to make money. But not Singaporean Ravi Rai Manas, 51.  The $2,000 he collects monthly from […]

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Happy 60th Birthday, Brandon Bays

by admin on Aug 21, 2013

Our beautiful patron, Brandon Bays (also known as Janaki) celebrated her 60th Birthday today, and the Children of Mother Earth made a special birthday video in her honour.                             Sending a big   HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  JANAKI               […]

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Invitation to Our Exhibition in Singapore

by Shantaram on Aug 01, 2013

We are holding an exhibition in Singapore from August 19th to 25th, 2013, to raise awareness of our humanitarian work with under-privileged children in India. The theme of our exhibition will be to awaken the inner-humanitarian in us all. Here is the two-sided invitation we have just had printed (click to enlarge): Here is a […]

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Visitors from the Gangaji Retreat in Lucknow

by admin on Jun 22, 2013

Enjoy this beautiful video of a love-filled visit to our home in Lucknow by a small group of friends from the Gangaji and Eli meditation retreat held in Lucknow in March 2013… Perhaps after that, you may feel called to make a donation, or sponsor a child?

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My Return to Lucknow

by Jayani on Jun 17, 2012

It was just over a month since I last saw the Lucknow children and, as I walked down the stony path there were cries of “Jayani Aunty, Jayani Aunty” and several children ran out to greet me.  Suddenly the children disappeared.  It turned out that they all wanted to have showers and put on clean […]

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A Stepping Stone

by Ravi on Jun 13, 2012

It has been almost 24 hours but tears have not stopped rolling down to my cheeks. Do not worry my dear friends, sisters and brothers, they are not tears of anguish or sorrow but they are flowing out of gratitude and happiness. Gratitude for all the supporters who are helping me to reach and help people […]

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