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When people from The Journey organisation first visited one of our centres, they were deeply touched by one of the little girls there.

Pooja was seven years old when she first came to live at Apna Ghar.  Two weeks before, her mother had been stabbed, leaving her, her five-year old brother, and three-year old sister without parents. The day of the stabbing, Pooja and her brother went to their mother’s workplace, found her injured, flagged down a two-wheeler rickshaw, and took her to the hospital while she was still alive. The hospital would not treat Pooja’s mother because of her poverty and social status. The driver of the rickshaw took pity on the children and said they could use his rickshaw for the night. Pooja and her brother pulled their mother in the rickshaw to another hospital. There they gave her bandages but would not admit her. They told Pooja to take her mother home to die. Pooja used the rickshaw to take her mother home, and her mother died before morning.

Pooja used all the money she had saved up to bury her mother since they could not afford a cremation. At the funeral, she begged all of her relatives to take her and her siblings in, saying, “we’re family, you’re all my mother and father now, PLEASE take care of us, please take us home. We promise we’ll be good children.” No one, no relatives, no friends, no one took them in. No one provided for them, no one wanted anything to do with them. It was then that Ravi Rai took Pooja and her siblings in, gave them a home, a family, a life, lots of love, and everything a child needs to grow, to shine. Pooja is now a teenager, she and her siblings live at Apna Ghar. She goes to school, and she helps her ‘new father,’ Ravi Rai, run the rest of the centres.

Pooja’s story has a happy ending because of Ravi,  and Children of Mother Earth.

The Pooja CD

As a result of this first visit, The Journey asked various artists if they would donate a music track to create a CD called “Pooja” as a fundraiser for Children of Mother Earth.  The following beautiful artists donated their music to this most worthwhile of causes:

  • Kirtana – The Train Song

  • Lucknow Project – Joy/Lift Up Your Heart

  • John Astin – Love, Serve and Remember

  • Deva Premal & Miten – Gayatri Mantra

  • Barbara J Hunt – Amazing Grace

  • Brett Robin Wood – Beautiful Nothing

  • Sarah Warwick – All of Nature

  • Deva Premal & Miten – Om Mani Padme Hum

  • Joel Young – Who Are You?

You can purchase the Pooja CD online from The Journey Outreach website.

If you have any questions, please email us here.