Our Patrons

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We are forever grateful to our patrons for their kind and generous support of Children of Mother Earth.

Mr Deepak Sharma and Dr Susan Lim deepak-sharma

Mr Sharma is the Chairman of Citi Private Bank with Citigroup Inc. and his wife, Dr. Susan Lim, is a reknowned surgeon in Singapore.  They have been generous and gracious supporters of Children of Mother Earth for many years.  As great friends of Ravi Rai’s, they can always be relied upon to help us when really needed.  Both have great compassion for the plight of under-privileged children and generously support our cause.

Mr. J.P. Batra

Photo of Mr JP Batra officially opening our new Gorakhpur Home

Mr Batra is the former Chairman (now retired) of the Indian Railways, Government of India, and is a man with a golden heart – a rare gift in the Indian bureaucracy.  He was instrumental in the provision of our centres in Gorakhpur, Lucknow and Delhi, and for this we will be eternally grateful.  He has always warmly welcomed any of our requests for assistance.

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Photo of Vijay KumarMr Kumar is an IPS Officer and the Inspector General of Police for the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.  As our Patron, he has opened many doors for us, recommending our organisation to others within government, and has helped us in various emergencies. He has empathy for the plight of children, and has been instrumental in setting up schools in impoverished communities.

Mr. See Chak Mun

Mr See is the Former High Commissioner of Singapore to India and has been like a family friend to Ravi Rai and Children of Mother Earth.  He has great compassion for the children, and has provided many useful contacts for us. The High Commission supported us with funds for our vocational training facility in Gorakhpur.

Ms. Brandon Bays

Photo of Brandon BaysMs. Bays is the author and creator of The Journey ® a book describing a simple yet highly-effective emotional-healing modality.  Ms. Bays and her Journey Outreach organisation graciously sponsored Ravi Rai’s training and accreditation as a Journey Practitioner, which has enabled him to provide this healing to the children in our centres.  Ms. Bays and her husband, Mr. Kevin Billett are great champions for our cause, and have encouraged many Journey Practitioners around the world to sponsor and support our children.

The children send a huge heart-felt “THANK YOU” to you all, for brightening our lives in so many ways.