Our Delhi Centre

Our Delhi centre taken from high up on Mansarovar Park Metro Station


The Delhi centre is operated under the patronage of the Northern Railways Women’s Welfare Organisation, a part of the Ministry of Railways (Government of India), and was opened in 2008 as our fifth centre.  As you can see by the photo, the centre consists of two major buildings (former railway warehouses) sitting on top of a disused railway platform.  Some of the railway tracks are still in place.  The buildings were in a very poor state of repair, and one of our first jobs was to replace the asbestos roof over the main dormitory building. Some of this has now been done.

Features of Our Delhi Centre

Photo of kids crowded onto a slide at our Delhi Home

The centre provides accommodation for approximately 50 children and 8 supervising adults, and has:

  • a reasonable lawn area
  • good flower gardens
  • a small vegetable garden
  • a good playing area for cricket, soccer etc.
  • some playground equipment
  • a tall outer wall and reasonable gates for good security
  • reasonable toilet facilities
  • reasonable bathroom facilities
  • two reasonable classrooms
  • A photo of the laundry at our Delhi Home

Improvements Needed at Delhi

  • removal of remaining asbestos on roof
  • removal of some of the train platform
  • for a larger sporting area
  • extension of vegetable gardens
  • at least 2 more classrooms
  • upgrading of the laundry



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