Our Seva Saytu Centre


The Seva Saytu centre was opened in 2007.  The centre consists of two main buildings (approximately 25′ x 25′), toilets, and playground.  A third hall is partly built, awaiting further funds.

This centre is specifically used for short-term accommodation of new arrivals to our centres (especially street-children) and for children awaiting possible restoration with their families.  The isolated location means that this centre provides no distractions, which helps to “ground” the children in a new way of living.  If the children are not restored to their families then they are moved to one of the other centres, depending on their age, gender and specific requirements.

Features of Our Seva Saytu Centre

The centre provides accommodation for approximately 20 children and 4 supervising adults, and has:

  • no lawn area
  • no flower gardens
  • very small vegetable garden
  • a fair playing area for cricket, soccer etc.
  • some playground equipment
  • an incomplete boundary wall providing low security
  • fair toilet facilities
  • fair bathroom facilities
  • a remote peaceful environment

Improvements Needed at Seva Saytu

  • Needs a secure boundary wall (20% complete)
  • Needs windows and roof on third hall (walls erected)

This is the last centre in the tour of our five centres.  Return to the First Centre if you wish.