Child Rights Advocacy

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CoME is a strong advocate of the Juvenile Justice Act 2000, as enacted by the Indian Parliament.

In India, unfortunately, the lack of awareness of children’s rights and obligations on both sides – children in need and the public officers – has resulted in sad consequences on many occasions, such as inhumane treatment, physical or emotional abuse, sexual abuse and sometimes even death of the children.

CoME staff are actively providing information to the public in informal and formal settings on how and where to seek protection and help for child-related issues.  We also hold workshops on children’s rights to police officers and district administrative officers dealing with children in need, as well as to cultivate public awareness.

Photo of a Child Rights Workshop given by CoME

Photo of a Child Rights poster produced by CoME

CoME has produced large posters listing the rights of children, and these are being disseminated to local police branches and administrative offices as part of the process of educating those on the front-line of this problem.

In recognition of our strong commitment to children’s rights and welfare, the president of Children of Mother Earth was selected as a member of the Child Welfare Committee of the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India.


The expenses incurred by this Program include:

  • Our time with Child Welfare Committe
  • Travel expenses: bus, train, petrol/diesel
  • Promotional material/printing


Ravi Rai manages this Program, with Assistants in Delhi and Gorakhpur.

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