Vocational Training & Placement

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This Program is aimed at the teenagers in our Homes, and covers such things as career guidance, counselling, paying for specialised training of children in their chosen path, and helping them to find a job.  By its nature, this Program operates mainly at our larger city Homes – Delhi and Gorakhpur.

Some children are not naturally academically inclined, and this program gives those children some hope for a meaningful career after leaving our Home.  Eventually, this program will be absorbed into the CoME Academy Program.


The expenses incurred by this Program include:

  • Part wages for the staff involved
  • Consumables used in practical work
  • Travel expenses, bus, train…
  • Tutoring/mentoring costs
  • School fees if appropriate
  • Equipment used in training/practice


We have a Schooling Manager who oversees the needs for this Program, and each of the city-based Homes has a teacher who is responsible for the in-Home role of training and advice.  Ravi is also involved in the discussions with the teenagers as to what they may want to do with their lives, and how to go about it.  Together, they map out a plan for each child.

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